Company History


Cooks Global Foods is an integrated food and beverage retail and supply group founded on leveraging New Zealand’s reputation for fresh and quality foods globally.

CGF owns the intellectual property and master franchising rights to Esquires Coffee Houses worldwide - excluding New Zealand and Australia - acquired in April 2013. 

The concept of Cooks Global Foods is based on owning the international intellectual property rights to Esquires Coffee Houses. In addition the company has acquired the master franchise rights for China, UK and Ireland and as well as franchises in Egypt, UAE, Bahrain Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Northern Cyprus in the Middle East, Indonesia and the rights to many other countries.

CGF operates in global markets and is listed on the NZAX market. NZX code CGF.


Cooks Global Foods

Cooks Global Foods focuses on three fundamental business elements:

  • Ownership of the international retail footprint under the established Esquires Coffee Houses brand principally utilising a franchise model. Esquires uses exclusively organic and Fairtrade Coffee and delivers artisan style coffee through local people.
  • Acquisition of supply businesses in the food and beverage sectors to develop a self-managed and efficient distribution chain.
  • Growth of the retail and supply sides of the group through a combination of organic growth, further acquisitions and the appointment of Master Franchises in new markets.


Esquires Coffee

Esquires was founded in 1993 in Canada and has expanded steadily around the world since that time. From Vancouver to the UK and Ireland, throughout the Middle East and China the Esquires Coffee brand offers customers a unique Fair trade and Organic beverage range in comfortable and modern surroundings. Over the years the brand has continuously evolved ensuring both customer satisfaction and fun profitable franchising partnerships worldwide.

Esquires currently has 75 coffee houses located in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom - 25
  • Ireland - 6
  • China - 21
  • Canada-3
  • United Arab Emirates - 3
  • Saudi Arabia - 7
  • Bahrain - 4
  • Kuwait - 6

The brand is expanding rapidly with a recent master franchise being signed in Egypt for 50 stores over 10 years and a number of discussions underway for the establishment of Esquires in new markets. The company’s goal is to operate at least 800 stores globally by 2020.


Supply Companies

Progressive Processors Ltd
CGF acquired Progressive Processors Ltd in October 2013. Progressive Processors is based near Whakatane, New Zealand and grows, supplies, processes and adds value to a number of fresh fruits and vegetables including asparagus and kiwifruit. It supplies product domestically and also to export markets, particularly Japan.

Scarborough Fair
Scarborough Fair was acquired in October 2013 and is a wholesaler of Organic and Fairtrade teas, coffees and chocolates. There are many synergies with the Scarborough Fair product range and the products sold through the Esquires Coffee Houses internationally.

Dairyland Products Ltd. The company holds 8,491,667 shares (42.46%) shares in Dairyland Products Limited, a company formed to undertake investments in the dairy industry. The company owns a factory site in Tokaroa and holds both building and resource consents to enable the establishment of a Whole Milk Powder factory on the site.


Company Structure


Retail: The operational division for Esquires Coffee Houses. In addition to the operating companies identified above, FDL (or usually a specially formed wholly owned subsidiary) contracts with third parties to appoint them a Master Franchise in a specified territory. As brand ownership is critical to the retail and supply divisions, the intellectual property rights to Esquires Coffee Houses are held in a separate non-trading division. The assets consist of a significant number of trademarks registered together with accrued goodwill and associated copyright.

Supply: The supply division of Cooks Global Foods supplies the retail division and other third party customers. It is intended to grow this division with further niche supply companies.


Board of Directors

Graeme Keith Jackson - Executive Chairman

Keith has an extensive background in management and governance with particular emphasis on the food and dairy industries.

He was CEO of Tegel Foods for 16 years from 1980 to 1996, Deputy Chairman of Ernest Adams from 1998 and Managing Director of Independent Dairy Producers, a small fresh milk company.

Together with two others Keith formed Dairy Farm Investments, a company that now has dairy farms in New Zealand and Australia. Keith has also established Dairyland Products, a project company designed to combine New Zealand’s core strength of low cost milk production with the added value provided by milk powder production.

Keith founded Cooks Food Group in 2008 via a merger of four companies. Together with Stuart and Lewis Deeks he was a key driver in developing the opportunity to build the Esquires Coffee Houses chain internationally by creating Cooks Global Foods.

Keith has a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University.


Andrew Kerslake - Director

After completing his education at Northcote College and Auckland University, Andrew worked in banking and finance before moving into the shipping industry and logistics. Andrew worked for Schenker, a German based Logistics Company for 14 years, moving through sales and operations, then as General Manager for six years and finally Managing Director for a further four.

Andrew furthered his education at Ashridge Management College in London completing a Senior Executive Management programme with parent company Stinnes-AG. He also served as a board member of the New Zealand German Business Association for four years.

In 2001 Andrew and his business partner pursued other business interests investing in majority shareholdings in a number of successful businesses in the medical, grocery and automotive industries.

More recently Andrew focuses fully on investments with potential including electronics waste company RCN–Ewaste 

Mike Hutcheson - Director

Mike co-founded leading advertising agencies Colenso BBDO and Hutcheson Knowles Marinkovich and culminated his advertising career as Managing Director of Saatchi and Saatchi. Mike was also a director of a family building company and in the early ‘80s set up Replica Homes with franchises throughout New Zealand.

In 2003 Mike launched The Lighthouse Ideas Company and in 2008 he and his partners undertook a management buyout of the Image Centre Group, publishers, printers and digital online communications specialists.

Mike has written four books, and has been a regular television guest and commentator. He currently writes an innovation column for Idealog magazine, one of the magazines in his company’s portfolio. In 2012 he was named Business Columnist of the Year in the Magazine Publisher’s Awards.


Stuart and Lewis Deeks are still directors but will be leavings the Board Shortly.

Key Management

Doug Williamson

Managing Director – Great Britain

Tony Mc Verry

Managing Director – Ireland

Ellen Zhang

Managing Director – China

Stuart Macintosh

Manufacturing Manager

Neil Butler

Managing Director – Progressive Processors