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Warning:  This is not a regulated offer. This investment is only available to wholesale and eligible investors.
Please refer to Disclaimer below for further details.
  • 9% interest per annum for 3 years
  • Unsecured but rank ahead of ordinary shares
  • Redeemable for cash or for ordinary shares at a 15% discount
  • An NZX listed company
  • Transferable but not quoted on any NZX market
  • Market capitalisation of $37m as at 15 November 2016
  • Committed major shareholders and management own 83% of the company
  • Positioned for growth in China
  • 2 large Chinese companies own a combined 39% of the company
  • Minimum investment NZ$50,000


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Cooks Global Foods (Cooks) operates in world markets and is listed on the NZAX market operated by NZX Limited in New Zealand under the code CGF. It owns the intellectual property and master franchising rights to Esquires Coffee Houses worldwide excluding New Zealand and Australia. Cooks currently operates or franchises Esquires Coffee Houses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Middle East, South East Asia and China. 

Cooks also operates an in-house design company, Design Environments to ensure Esquires’ Organic, Fairtrade, natural, environmentally responsible, artisan and authentic core values are embedded in all Esquires stores.  

Cooks also owns Scarborough Fair and Progressive Processors, respectively a supplier of Organic and Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate and a manufacturer of value-added horticulture products.  

Cooks recently formed a joint venture company called Crux Products Ltd to channel high quality products between New Zealand and China. 


This investment opportunity is not an offer of financial products to retail investors for the purposes of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (“FMCA”). There is no product disclosure statement available. Accordingly, there are not the same disclosures or levels of protection available as under a retail, regulated offer. 

Any offer will only be made by way of an accepted Note Application Form (“Application”) provided that Cooks Global Foods Limited (“CGF”) is satisfied at its sole discretion that the proposed investor: 

- is a wholesale investor within the meaning of the FMCA; or

- otherwise comes within the requirements of Schedule One to the FMCA so that an offer of financial products to them shall not constitute a regulated offer under the FMCA. 

A term of the Application will be that wholesale investor safe harbour certificates (or other applicable certificates) will be required so that CGF can verify an investor’s status.